1. What is the delivery time of the products?

Our delivery time based on stock - unless otherwise estimated and included lead time in our proposal to supply from the factory.

Delivery time will be stated in our proposal.

2. For how long are price quotes valid?

Price quotes are valid for up to 30 days. We can update the proposal after that time- just call or reach out back to us.

3. Can products be prepared for overseas shipment?

Yes, we do offer this service. We have a contract with Boaz Export Crating to crate overseas shipments. We can including crating costs in our proposal when requested.

4. Can we  deliver the goods to my facility/warehouse?

Yes, in fact we can. We negotiate with the finest freight carriers to ensure the safe transport at discounted prices. Send us your delivery location and we will include delivery charges in our proposal. Our quotation can include the complete cost of the purchase.

5. Can surplus and used items be inspected?

Yes. If you wish to inspect - contact us to make arrangements.  

6. Payment terms offered ?  Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, domestic customers can pay with Visa or Mastercard.

Terms: Payment is required at the time of purchase, unless an account has been established. Payment is accepted by bank wire and ATCH as well as business checks.

7. Do we have offices and agents overseas?

Yes, we have many strategic partners we work closely with overseas.

8. Do you have the ability to install equipment?

We do not install equipment. However, with your equipment purchase we will introduce you to a service provider for installation.

9. Surplus Equipment Purchases - Terms

Surplus equipment is sold “as is “ - We do not offer a warranty - However, you do get an opportunity to inspect. We are committed to support our clients whether they choose to purchase surplus or new marine products for their business .